FINN 3120 Test III MCQs and True/False

MULTIPLE CHOICE. Choose the one alternative that best completes the statement or answers the question.1) Preferred stock is similar to common stock in the following way:A) as equity, both are subordinate to bondholders in the event of bankruptcy.B) both preferred stock and common stock provide equal periodic dividends.C) both contain a dividend growth factor.D) both investments have a final maturity value set by the issuing agreement.1)2) ABC Corp. common stock paid $2.50 in dividends last year (D0). Dividends are expected to growat a 12-percent annual rate forever. If ABC?s current market price is $70.00, what is the stock?sexpected rate of return (nearest .01 percent)?A) 16.00% B) 5.50% C) 18.25% D) 19.00%2)3) Yanti Corp. preferred stock has a 5% stated dividend percentage, and a $100 par value. What is thevalue of the stock if your required rate of return is 6% per year?A) $30.00 B) $100.00 C) $94.05 D) $83.333)4) Preferred stock is similar to a bond in the following way:A) both provide interest payments.B) preferred stock always contains a maturity date.C) both investments provide a stated income stream.D) both contain a growth factor similar to common stock.4)5) You observe Golden Flashes Common Stock selling for $40.00 per share. The next dividend isexpected to be $4.00, and is expected to grow at a 2% annual rate forever. If your required rate ofreturn is 14%, should you purchase the stock?A) Yes, because the present value of the expected future cash flows is less than $40.B) No, because the present value of the expected future cash flows is less than $40.C) No, because the present value of the expected future cash flows is greater than $40.D) Yes, because the present value of the expected future cash flows is greater than $40.5)6) Greenland Airlines has net income of $1 million this year. The book value of Greenland Airlinescommon equity is $5 million dollars. The company?s dividend payout ratio is 70% and is expectedto remain this way. What is Greenland Airlines? internal growth rate?A) 15% B) 5.7% C) 6.0% D) 9%6)7) Which of the following statements concerning the required rate of return on stocks is true?A) If risk is reduced, the required return will decrease because more investors are risk-averse.B) The higher an investor?s required rate of return, the higher the value of the stock.C) The required return on preferred stock is generally higher than the required return oncommon stock.D) The higher the risk, the higher the required return, other things being equal.7)18) You are considering the purchase of a common stock that paid a dividend of $2.00 yesterday. Youexpect this stock to have a growth rate of 10 percent for the next 3 years. The long-run normalgrowth rate after year 3 is expected to be 5 percent (that is, a constant growth rate after year 3 of5% per year forever). If you require a 15 percent rate of return, how much should you be willing topay for this stock?A) $26.89 B) $18.65 C) $ 36.24 D) $23.878)9) Nogrowth Corporation expects their dividend to stay at $1.50 per share each year into theforeseeable future. Therefore,A) The stock will be valued at $1.50 times the number of years an investor plans to keep it.B) The value of the stock can be estimated as $1.50 divided by an investor?s required rate ofreturn.C) The value of the stock can not be determined using the dividend valuation model because thegrowth rate is zero.D) The free cash flow model will yield a higher stock value if free cash flow is greater than $1.50per share.9)10) XYZ common stock is currently selling for $8.00. It just paid a dividend of $1.50 and dividends areexpected to grow at a rate of 6% indefinitely. What is the required rate of return on XYZ?s stock?A) 33.00% B) 26.00% C) 20.60% D) 18.00%10)11) A project requires an initial investment of $50,000. The project generates free cash flow of $80,000at the end of year 2. What is the internal rate of return for the project?A) 34.16% B) 44.08% C) 19.66% D) 26.44%11)12) The Kitchen Inc. is considering the following 3 mutually exclusive projects. Projected cash flowsfor these ventures are as follows:Plan A Plan B Plan CInitial Initial InitialOutlay=$4,000,000 Outlay=$5,000,000 Outlay=$1,750,000Cash Flow: Cash Flow: Cash Flow:Yr 1=$ -0- Yr 1=$4,000,000 Yr 1=$1,000,000Yr 2= -0- Yr 2= 3,000,000 Yr 2= -0-Yr 3= -0- Yr 3= 2,000,000 Yr 3=1,000,000Yr 4= -0- Yr 4= -0- Yr 4=1,000,000Yr 5=$7,000,000 Yr 5= -0- Yr 5=1,000,000If the Kitchen has a 12% cost of capital, what decision should be made regarding the projectsabove?A) Accept plan A B) Accept plan BC) Accept plan C D) Accept Plans B and C12)13) Palm, Inc. is considering two mutually exclusive projects, A and B. Project A costs $75,000 and isexpected to generate $48,000 in year one and $45,000 in year two. Project B costs $80,000 and isexpected to generate $34,000 in year one, $37,000 in year two, $26,000 in year three, and $25,000 inyear four. Zellars, Inc.?s required rate of return for these projects is 10%. The modified internal rateof return for Project A and B,respectively, are:A) 16.49% and 15.74%. B) 19.43% and 13.40%.C) 14.19% and 15.74%. D) 14.19% and 13.40%.13)214) You are considering investing in a project with the following year-end after-tax cash flows:Year 1: $57,000Year 2: $72,000Year 3: $78,000Year 4: $20,000If the initial outlay for the project is $185,000, compute the project?s internal rate of return.A) 10.89% B) 5.54% C) 9.61% D) 6.98%14)15) Which of the following methods of evaluating investment projects can properly evaluate projectsof unequal lives?A) The payback. B) The equivalent annual annuity.C) The internal rate of return. D) The net present value.15)16) Your firm is considering an investment that will cost $750,000 today. The investment will producecash flows of $250,000 in year 1, $300,000 in years 2 through 4, and $100,000 in year 5. The discountrate that your firm uses for projects of this type is for year 1 through year 4 is 13.25%. However,you expect that you can reduce the dicount rate to 12.5% for year 5. What is the investment?s netpresent value?A) $147.544 B) $149,525 C) $147,613 D) $132,00016)17) Project A has an internal rate of return (IRR) of 15 percent. Project B has an IRR of 12 percent. Bothprojects have a required return of 14 percent. Which of the following statements is most correct?A) Project B has a higher profitability index than Project A.B) Both projects have a positive net present value (NPV).C) If the required return were less than 14 percent, Project B would have a higher IRR thanProject A.D) Project A must have a higher NPV than project B.17)18) We compute the profitability index of a capital budgeting proposal byA) dividing the present value of the annual after tax cash flows by the cash investment in theproject.B) multiplying the cash inflow by the internal rate of return.C) multiplying the internal rate of return by the cost of capital.D) dividing the present value of the annual after tax cash flows by the cost of capital.18)19) The disadvantage of the IRR method is that:A) the IRR will always give the same project accept/reject decision as the NPV.B) the IRR requires long, detailed cash flow forecasts.C) the IRR gives equal regard to all returns within a project?s life.D) the IRR deals with cash flows.19)20) Rent-to-Own Equipment Co. is considering a new inventory system that will cost $450,000. Thesystem is expected to generate positive cash flows over the next four years in the amounts of$250,000 in year one, $125,000 in year two, $25,000 in year three, and $100,000 in year four.Rent-to-Own?s required rate of return is 10%. What is the payback period of this project?A) 3.50 years B) 4.00 years C) 2.68 years D) 2.50 years20)321) Which of the following statements about the net present value is true?A) It produces a percentage result that is easy to describe.B) It is likely that there will be more than one NPV for a project.C) It has an inadequate reinvestment assumption.D) It may be used to select among projects of different sizes.21)22) The advantages of NPV are all of the following except:A) it allows the comparison of benefits and costs in a logical manner through the use of timevalue of money principles.B) it provides the amount by which positive NPV projects will increase the value of the firm.C) it can be used as a rough screening device to eliminate those projects whose returns do notmaterialize until later years.D) it recognizes the timing of the benefits resulting from the project.22)23) All of the following are sufficient indications to accept a project except (assume that there is nocapital rationing constraint, and no consideration is given to payback as a decision tool):A) The net present value of an independent project is positive.B) The IRR of a mutually exclusive project exceeds the required rate of return.C) The profitability index of an independent project exceeds one.D) The NPV of a mutually exclusive project is positive and exceeds that of all other projects.23)24) Initial Outlay Cash Flow in Period1 234$4,000,000 $1,546,170 $1,546,170 $1,546,170 $1,546,170The Internal Rate of Return (to nearest whole percent) is:A) 24%. B) 20%. C) 18%. D) 10%.24)25) The risk free rate of return is 4% and the expected return on the market portfolio is 12%. A firm hasa beta of 1.8 and a standard deviation of returns of 16%. Its marginal tax rate is 30%. Analystsexpect Starship?s net income to grow by 8% per year for the next 5 years. Using the capital assetpricing model, what is Starship Enterprises? cost of retained earnings?A) 22.2% B) 18.2% C) 18.4% D) 16.6%25)26) The ABC Company is planning a $100 million expansion. The expansion is to be financed byselling $40 million in new debt and $60 million in new common stock. The before -tax required rateof return on debt is 10 percent and the required rate of return on equity is 15 percent. If thecompany is in the 30 percent tax bracket, what is the firm?s cost of capital?A) 12.9% B) 9.7% C) 10.000% D) 11.8%26)27) A company has preferred stock with a current market price of $26.5 per share. The preferred stockpays an annual dividend of 4% based on a par value of $100. Flotation costs associated with thesale of preferred stock equal $1.50 per share. The company?s marginal tax rate is 40%. Therefore,the cost of preferred stock is:A) 15.09%. B) 22.22%. C) 16.00%. D) 4.00%.27)428) Cost of capital is:A) the average cost of the firm?s assets.B) a hurdle rate set by the board of directors.C) the rate of return that must be earned on additional investment if firm value is to remainunchanged.D) the coupon rate of debt.28)29) Which of the following causes a firm?s cost of capital (WACC) to differ from an investor?s requiredrate of return on the company?s common stock?A) The market risk premium exceeds 12%.B) The fact that the risk free rate of interest has increased.C) The incurrence of flotation costs when new securities are issued.D) None of the above — the WACC and required return are the same29)30) Durocorp has a target capital structure of 50% debt and 50% equity. Durocorp is planning to investin a project that will necessitate raising new capital. New debt will be issued at a before-tax yieldof 15%, with a coupon rate of 10%. The equity will be provided by internally generated funds so nonew outside equity will be issued. If the required rate of return on the firm?s stock is 20% and itsmarginal tax rate is 40%, compute the firm?s cost of capital.A) 14.5% B) 17.5% C) 15.00% D) 13.68%30)31) Given the following information on S & G Inc.?s capital structure, compute the company?sweighted average cost of capital.Type of Percent of Before-TaxCapital Capital Structure Component CostBonds 40% 10%Preferred Stock 10% 15%Common Stock (Internal Only) 50% 20%The company?s marginal tax rate is 40%.A) 15.5% B) 10.6% C) 13.9% D) 15%31)32) A Company has a capital structure made up of 40% debt and 60% equity and a tax rate of 30%. Anew issue of $1,000 par bonds maturing in 20 years can be issued with a coupon of 9% at a price of$1,098.18 with no flotation costs. The firm has no internal equity available for investment at thistime, but can issue new common stock at a price of $45. The next expected dividend on the stock is$2.80. The dividend for Mars Co. is expected to grow at a constant annual rate of 5% per yearindefinitely. Flotation costs on new equity will be $5.00 per share. The WACC for the firm is:A) 9.76% B) 9.44% C) 9.20% D) 14%32)33) Which of the following should NOT be considered when calculating a firm?s WACC?A) After-tax cost of accounts payable B) Cost of newly issued preferred stockC) After-tax YTM on a firm?s bonds D) Cost of newly issued common stock33)34) Bell Corp. has a preferred stock that pays a dividend of $2.40. If you are willing to purchase thestock at $11, what is your required rate of return (round your answer to the nearest .1% andassume that there are no transaction costs)?A) 9.1% B) 11.0% C) 20.1% D) 21.8%34)535) The cost of new preferred stock is equal to:A) the preferred stock dividend divided by the market price.B) the preferred stock dividend divided by its par value.C) preferred stock dividend divided by the net selling price of preferred.D) (1 – tax rate) times the preferred stock dividend divided by net price.35)36) Nogrowth Corporation expects their dividend to stay at $0.50 per share each year into theforeseeable future. Therefore,A) The stock will be valued at $0.50 times the number of years an investor plans to keep it.B) The value of the stock can be estimated as $0.50 divided by an investor?s required rate ofreturn.C) The free cash flow model will yield a higher stock value if free cash flow is greater than $0.50per share.D) The value of the stock can not be determined using the dividend valuation model because thegrowth rate is zero.36)TRUE/FALSE. A. True B. False37) Preferred stock and common stock issued by the same firm will have the same required returnbecause the riskiness of the firm?s cash flows is the same for both securities.37)38) Under majority voting a majority (>50%) shareholder will just be able to elect a simple majority ofthe board of directors.38)39) An acceptable project should have a net present value greater than or equal to zero and aprofitability index greater than or equal to one.39)40) Shareholders, as owners of the corporation, face unlimited liability for the corporation?s debts,while bondholders, as creditors, may only lose the value of their investment if the company goesbankrupt.40)41) An opportunity cost is a relevant incremental cost for capital budgeting decisions. 41)42) If the expected growth rate for dividends is zero, then the value of common stock will be equal tothe current dividend.

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