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Service Plan Brief for

A Wellness Center for Physical and Mental Health Coaching

Service Plan Brief for a wellness center providing coaching for physical and mental health services

Service Idea (suggested length 2–3 pages)

The idea of physical and mental health coaching is a service whose aim is to improve the physical and mental health of the individuals who will receive these services. Mental health coaching will be centered around helping the clients in managing emotions, challenging negative thinking patterns, improving relationship skills, and reducing stress and anxiety. The mental health coaches will combine their experiences, the knowledge they already have on mental health, and the client’s experience to guide the clients in achieving a better mental health status. The purpose of mental health coaching is to provide support for adults living with mental and behavioral health difficulties and challenge them to become a better version of themselves by conquering these difficulties.

Physical health coaching will help clients make long-term positive health changes through good advice, motivation, and support. These changes are to be achieved by encouraging the clients to take part in regular exercises, balanced nutrition, adequate rest, and better stress management. All these are centered around the clients’ lifestyles, which means that the coaching will also be aimed at encouraging the clients to have lifestyles that are going to promote the desired physical health. The purpose of physical health coaching will be to help clients make long-term positive health changes through motivation, support, and good advice.

Physical and mental health coaching is going to be of great importance to the population it will because it will be instrumental in reducing the mental and health problems in the population. With the diseases such as type 3 diabetes, cancer, and cardiovascular complications affecting the population, good physical health status can go a long way in preventing these diseases(Palmer et al.,2003). Besides, mental illnesses such as depression and anxiety can be prevented by having good mental health. Good physical and mental health can be achieved through health coaching. Therefore, health coaching, both physical and mental, will be of great importance to the population it will serve because it will help the population achieve good physical and mental health, thus helping prevent chronic diseases such as cancer in the population. Physical and mental health coaching will help in promoting good mental and physical health.

Market Analysis

The target population for this service is the adults facing physical and mental health problems and those who feel that they want to improve their mental and physical health. These individuals will include those suffering from depression, anxiety, and stress, among other mental health problems. They include those individuals that are suffering from physical health problems such as obesity and being overweight. This service will also target the population that needs to achieve their health goals, such as the individuals in the population that desire to cut weight or desire to have peace of mind. Generally, this service’s main target population is the part of the population that needs support in achieving their health goals.

The potential referrals for the service we shall offer include the doctors, fitness instructors, and fitness studio owners. Sometimes the doctors are too busy to handle some problems, for example, helping a patient exercise. Getting the patients that the doctors advise them to lose weight can be a good referral. The fitness instructors may sometimes be unable to challenge their clients enough to achieve their physical health goals. Getting such clients from them will be great for the company.

There are several potential competitors to this kind of service that we are going to offer. They include other health coaches that have already established themselves in the market and have an outstanding reputation. Another competitor is the therapists who offer the same type of service that we intend to offer.

SWOT Analysis

Use the following table in your response to part C in the task. Then address part C1. Strengths Weaknesses Having vast knowledge of mental and physical health problems. Lack of experience in the field of health coaching Availability of diverse wellness and health coaching services under one roof Not belonging to the coaching profession. Availability of adequate staff Not having a strong reputation in the market Excellent networking contacts and referral bases. A low marketing budget which limits the efforts of making our services known widely Opportunities Threats Few coaches offering to coach for mental health The market could change anytime There is an increasing need for coaching services in the population Some competitors have a large client pool to draw from Availability of affordable offices at strategic locations A high number of physical health coaches offering the same services to the population. Availability of referrals from colleagues for example doctors we’ve worked with Other people are thinking of the same niche in the market The results of the above analysis are key in maximizing the opportunities and minimizing threats. The above analysis brings to light the weakness and the strengths of the service. Therefore, we can improve our areas of weakness and ensure that we continue being strong in our areas of strength. By doing that, we can use the strengths to overcome the weaknesses and take advantage of opportunities. We can also use our strengths to overcome the threats and work on eliminating the weaknesses to overcome threats. Service Plan Feasibility (suggested length 2–3 pages) Cost-Benefit Analysis Use the following tables in your response to part D in the task. Category Description of the Service Plan Costs The Organization Hiring a manager. For the business to run effectively, it has to be managed efficiently. The management is to be done by an expert in the field of management. The costs to be incurred include the interview costs and the salary that shall be paid to the manager. Hiring accountants. The services accountants are essential in ensuring the success of the business. However, the cost of paying their salaries shall be incurred Legal services. There is a need for a legal advisor such as a lawyer. A lawyer will charge a fee which will be a cost. Operations Rent. For the business to operate, it needs an office. The cost that accompanies an office is the payment of rent. Marketing costs. There will be a need to have a marketing team that also comes with paying them. Payroll. For a business to operate, the employees must be paid for them to continue working for the organization. The Client/Patient Filing fees. There is a cost that is to be incurred in keeping the records of the personal information of the clients. Follow-up costs. Following up with the clients will also come at a cost. These costs involve sending emails and making calls. The miscellaneous costs when offering the coaching services to clients. These costs include offering coffee or even water. The Staff Costs that come with team building activities. The activities carried out during team building come at a cost. Contributions to national insurance and pension. The contributions that the business makes towards the staff’s national insurance and pension is a cost Provision of snacks at the office. Providing snacks and other services such as coffee or tea will also come with a cost. Technology Acquiring computers for record-keeping is a cost that is to be incurred Hiring an IT specialist is a cost that has to be incurred The business’ website creation will also come at a cost. Category Description of Service Plan Benefits The Organization Hiring a manager will ensure that the activities in the organization run efficiently. This will ensure that every task is performed to completion, and this increases the chances of success in a business. The benefit of having accountants in the business is that it will help in tracking the income and expenditures and also accountants help in making informed decisions concerning the finances of the company. Legal services are beneficial to the business because from the legal advice offered, the business can align its activities with existing laws to avoid breaking the laws of the country. Operations Availability of the offices in the business boosts the professionalism of the services that we offer. This gives the business extra credit. Marketing is beneficial in the sense that it increases the number of clients, it builds the reputation of the company and also it is important in understanding the market. Paying employing is essential. Employees shall be motivated to work better if their salaries are paid. Having a motivated workforce enhances the chances of business success. The Client/Patient Keeping clients’ records is important because it ensures professionalism and quality in the services that are offered. This increases the client retention rate. Following up on clients increases the chances that the coaching is going to be successful. Follow-ups will also make the clients feel that they are supported which is beneficial to the business Offering coffee and water to clients is a gesture of hospitality. This improves customer satisfaction and therefore increases the client retention rate. The Staff Team building activities help increase staff productivity and cooperation. This leads to better results from the staff. Contributing to the national insurance and pension of the employees helps boost the employee satisfaction of the work environment. This makes the employees happy and motivated to work for the organization. It also improves the employee retention rate The provision of snacks and drinks such as coffee and tea to employees makes the employees happy to work for the organization. Technology Computers streamline the process of record-keeping since it reduces errors and other mistakes that can be made by humans. Having experts in the organization will ensure that the business is up to date in terms of technology. Also, any technical problem that arises can be solved by IT experts. A website helps the business to create an online presence which is important in market expansion. Having also provided the potential clients with the information they need to know about the business without much struggle. Risk Assessment Use the following table to respond to parts E and E1 in the task. Risks Overall Results and Strategies for Minimizing the Risks The negative attitude among the clients. If the client has a negative attitude towards the coaching or towards changing for the better, then there will be a hard time in making the coaching work. The success of the coaching is likely to be minimal. To deal with this, the coaches will first guide the clients in developing a positive attitude towards the coaching. Not having enough coaches to do the coaching. If the number of coaches is going to be insufficient, then this means that only a few clients are going to be coached, and therefore, the chances of success in the business will be limited. To minimize this risk, training of more coaches shall be done to ensure that there are enough coaches. Clients taking too long to achieve their goals due to non-effective coaching If the coaching that is being done to the clients will not be effective, then the reputation of the company may be at risk since a word may be out that our coaching is not effective. To minimize this risk, training our coaches in the right coaching techniques and also finding coaches with skill and experience in this field will be important Losing clients to other competitors. Losing clients to the competitors may be due to the competitors offering better services than us which can be detrimental to the success of the business. Losing the clients means loss of revenue to the business. To minimize the risk of this happening we shall offer quality services and also offer a wide variety of services to keep the customers. The risk of the coaches not understanding their clients. If the coaches do not understand their clients well, then the coaching is likely to be unsuccessful. To minimize this risk, continuous training for the coaches shall be done to improve their skills. Financial Projections (suggested length 1–2 pages) See parts F and F1 in the task” to match the other sections For the first year, the revenue projection is as follows. Considering that we are just beginning and the customer base that we have is not yet strong, the business is likely to make $250,000. The above figure is contributed by the fact that the number of people that know about the services that we offer is few and there the likelihood hood of getting many clients is low but as more marketing is done and as we get more referrals then the number of clients will increase and thus the amount of revenue we get. To generate revenue, the business is going to diversify the kind of services that it will offer. These services shall include, private coaching, group coaching, online programs, and pantry make-over. Each of these services shall be priced differently and therefore that are going to receive these services shall pay. Therefore, through the offering of these services, the business will be able to raise revenue. Operational Expense Budget Use the following table to respond to part G in the task. Then address part G1. Category Description of Each Type of Expense Personnel Expenses Those doing the coaching(the coaches themselves) will have to be paid.($40,000) The market personnel will also be paid.($10,000) Other personnel such as the receptionists will also be paid($10000) Other-than-Personnel (OTP) Expenses Facilities renting. We shall pay for the offices that we are going to rent. This includes all the required facilities like the furniture. ($5000) License fee. This is going to be an expense because the license will come at a fee. ($100) Traveling. When providing services outside the wellness center then traveling has to be done which will be an expense ($1000) Insurance. Ensuring the resources at the wellness center will also be an expense ($3000) Other operating expenses. ($5000) Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) (suggested length 1–2 pages) Use the following table in your response to parts H1a–c and H2 in the task. Then address parts H3 and H4. Service Plan KPIs Measurement and Frequency Structure: Number of tasks that remain unaccomplished To measure the number of tasks that will remain unaccomplished, there shall a record of the tasks that were completed by an individual. The number of tasks not performed by an individual shall also be in the record. For example, if a coach doesn’t show up for a session, then it shall be in the record. This measurement will be done weekly. Process: The average daily attendance. To measure the success in the process average daily attendance will be used as a measure. This means the number of clients that turn up for their sessions. To measure the average daily attendance, there shall be a record of the clients and their schedules with the coaches. Each day the average number of the clients that turned up for their sessions shall be calculated to find the average daily attendance. Outcome: Client Retention Rate To measure the client retention rate we shall find the number of clients that we have at the end of each quarter and then subtract the number of new clients that the business acquired then multiply by a hundred. This measurement will be done quarterly. The above KPIs will provide evidence on the steps that the organization is making towards achieving its goals. The KPIs will show how far the organization is from achieving the set goals. Therefore, when making future decisions concerning the organization, KPIs will play a great role in helping the management make informed decisions. The decisions shall be made in regards to the performance of the organization. KPIs will therefore ease the process of decision making because it will show the things that the organization has achieved and those that it has not achieved, thus showing the decision-makers were to focus on. To improve staff performance and inter-professional cooperation, the following strategies can be employed. First is recognizing and rewarding those who are doing a good job. This will serve as a motivation to those who are performing well in the organization, and it will also challenge the rest of the staff to improve in their areas of expertise to be recognized and rewarded. Secondly, encouraging open communication and providing a platform for socialization among the staff will be key in encouraging collaboration. Service Plan Start-Up Tasks and Timelines (suggested length 1 page) Use the following table in your response to part I in the task. Task Task Owner Timeline Market research to determine the size of the market and the level of competition. Chief of marketing Two months Getting registration, license, and tax identity for the business The owner of the business One month Researching and identifying a strategic and secure location for the business Head of marketing One month Planning and conducting marketing activities to publicize the business Chief of marketing Three moths Compiling assets, facilities, and resources required in starting the business Asset manager Two weeks Creating the business’ website IT specialists Three weeks Price determination for the services we shall offer. Head of marketing and the head of accounting One month Training of the personnel Human resource manager One week Conducting interviews to hire the employees Senior Human resource manager Two weeks Product designing Product designer One month Executive Summary (suggested length 1 page) See part J in the task. The service idea is to provide physical and mental health coaching services to the population. Mental health coaching will be centered around helping clients manage their emotions, challenging negative thinking, improving relationship skills, and reducing stress and anxiety. The purpose of mental coaching is to support adults living with mental and behavioral difficulties and challenge them to become better versions of themselves. Physical health coaching will be to help clients make long-term positive health changes through advice, motivation, and support. The target population for this service is the adults that are facing physical and mental health problems and also those individuals that feel that they want to improve their physical and mental health. The potential referrals for the service that we shall offer include the doctors, fitness instructors, and fitness studio owners. However, there are several potential competitors to this kind of service that we are going to offer, which include those businesses that offer the same kind of services that we intend to offer. The SWOT analysis for the service is as follows. The strengths include having vast knowledge in mental and physical health problems, adequate staff, and excellent networking contacts, while the weaknesses include lack of experience, belonging to the coaching profession, and not having a strong reputation in the market. The opportunities include an increase in need of health coaching services, availability of affordable offices at strategic locations and that there are few mental health coaches while the threats are that the market can change any time, there are competitors, and that there is an increase in the number of physical health coaches. References Boehmer, K. R., Barakat, S., Ahn, S., Prokop, L. J., Erwin, P. J., & Murad, M. H. (2016). Health coaching interventions for persons with chronic conditions: a systematic review and meta-analysis protocol. Systematic reviews5(1), 1-7. Butterworth, S., Linden, A., McClay, W., & Leo, M. C. (2006). Effect of motivational interviewing-based health coaching on employees’ physical and mental health status. Journal of occupational health psychology11(4), 358. Grant, A. M. (2003). The impact of life coaching on goal attainment, metacognition and mental health. Social Behavior and Personality: an international journal31(3), 253-263. Hague, P. N., Hague, N., & Morgan, C. A. (2004). Market research in practice: a guide to the basics. Kogan Page Publishers. Hale, R., & Giese, J. (2017). Cost-effectiveness of health coaching. Professional case management22(5), 228-238. Lawrence, S., & Moyes, F. (2004). Writing a successful business plan. Business Plan Preparation. O’Hara, B. J., McGill, B., & Phongsavan, P. (2016). Preventive health coaching: is there room to be more prescriptive?. International Journal of Health Promotion and education54(2), 82-94. Olsen, J. M., & Nesbitt, B. J. (2010). Health coaching to improve healthy lifestyle behaviors: an integrative review. American Journal of Health Promotion25(1), e1-e12. Palmer, S., Tubbs, I., & Whybrow, A. (2003). Health coaching to facilitate the promotion of healthy behavior and achievement of health-related goals. International Journal of Health Promotion and Education41(3), 91-93. Sageer, A., Rafat, S., & Agarwal, P. (2012). Identification of variables affecting employee satisfaction and their impact on the organization. IOSR Journal of business and management5(1), 32-39. Projected Growth of The Business year 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 revenue 250000 275000 340000 390000 400000 420000 450000 Personnel expenses coaches salaries Marketing team salaries Other personell salaries 40000 10000 10000 Other Than Personnel Expenses rent license fee Travelling costs Insurance Oprating expenses 5000 100 1000 300 5000 PAGE 1 PAGE 9

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