Care Plan Part 1 Individual Assignment

Care Plan Part 1 Individual Assignment Worth 30% of grade (total of 30 marks) You will use the Calgary Family Assessment Model (CFAM) to develop the first part of your care plan focusing on assessment for an individual in the Young Ocampo family from the Canadian Neighborhood that is different from your group members. Registered Nurses work with families to promote optimal health. Essential to this process is the ability to move through the nursing process effectively and efficiently in a patient and family centered manner. Nurses must be able to communicate their process and the decisions they have made clearly and concisely to patients, families, and other members of the healthcare team. This is an individual assignment; you will choose one family member from the Young Ocampo Family from the Canadian Neighborhood that is different than your group member to conduct this assignment. The same family member will be used for both Part 1 & 2 of the assignment. Use the template provided and submit the assignment using the Dropbox in D2L. Assigned Family Member: • Kelsey Young Ocampo Additional Info: Referencing Erikson’s theory Here is the original source for Erikson’s Developmental stages. It is a book. Erikson, E.H. (1963). Childhood and society (2nd ed.). New York, NY: Norton Reference for family story Foret Giddons, J. & Stalkie, L. (2014). The Canadian Neighbourhood, Version 1.0. Pearson Education Canada. Rubric Assessment Categories Marking Criteria Standards for Proficiency Areas for Improvement Points /30 Family Structure • Using the branching diagram to identify the structure of the Young Ocampo family • Complete a genogram – at least three generation levels • Complete an ecomap 12 Family Development • Identify the developmental stage using Erikson’s theory for your family member Provide rationale for why this is important to know as an RN • Identify the family life cycle phase for your family member Provide rationale for why this is important to know as an RN • Identify the tasks associated with the family life cycle phase Provide rationale for why this is important to know as an RN • Identify the attachments associated with the family life cycle phase Provide rationale for why this is important to know as an RN 10 Family Functioning • Identify 2 instrumental aspects of family functioning for your family member Provide rationale for why this is important to know as an RN • Identify 2 expressive aspects of family functioning for your family member Provide rationale for why this is important to know as an RN 6 APA/Evidence • Evidence based resources are relevant • Evidence based resources are no more than 7 years old & most current editions cited • Sources of evidence are referenced using APA format on reference list and in text citation 2 ADDITIONAL INFORMATION PROVIDED IN WORD DOC AND PDF

An ongoing discussion among business managers is the return on employee investme
An ongoing discussion among business managers is the return on employee investment (ROEI). Employers want to maximize business profitability, and employees are a significant part of organizational success. Investments into employee training and professional development comprise a significant part of many companies’ budgets. Measures including providing tablet computers for employees to pursue flexible learning opportunities and self-paced classes give employers the opportunity to reduce training and development costs.
What are the pros and cons of these practices?

Write About Art- Museum Formal Analysis Instructions: Formal analysis 500 words
Write About Art- Museum Formal Analysis Instructions: Formal analysis 500 words double spaced 12pt font typed analysis with 1 “ margins. Papers that are not 500 words will have points deducted. Be sure to read the 2 page excerpt “Writing About Art,” by Sayre before beginning the assignment (attached). Your goal for this paper is to describe the work of art in 2 typed pages. You want to describe it with a level of detail that will enable your reader to see the work of art. The format should be organized into paragraph format. To do this you may choose to begin by offering an overall description of the title, date, materials and overall subject matter. Then you can begin a new paragraph that focuses on an area of the work that is emphasized. You may have a paragraph that addresses the background, color, use of line, dark and light, etc. This weeks content of the formal elements will be helpful in the many ways to understand these qualities in a work of art. This is not a research assignment; therefore your description should not include interpretation or any outside information including museum or gallery wall text. If you choose to learn more about the work of art you are looking at and would like to include outside information, the information and your analysis of it should be an additional 3rd page and must include citations for your sources. Visual analysis is the basic unit of art historical writing. Sources as varied as art magazines, scholarly books, and undergraduate research papers rely on concise and detailed visual analyses. Spend several minutes looking at the work, changing position to view it from different angles and distances. Write down your impressions and observations. In a succinct narrative address the topics listed above— its material, iconography (if applicable), line/form, composition, use of light and dark, contrast, color and any other expressive qualities. Avoid a list of responses. Your narrative should aim to enable the reader to imagine the work. Chosen work to analyze: A photo of Yosemite Valley in Yosemite National Park, California

This paper requires that the students address a prescribed research topic and pr
This paper requires that the students address a prescribed research topic and present their paper as an argumentative essay that will express an opinion about the cultural history of the United States. This paper will require that the writer perform extensive research utilizing both primary and secondary sources. The final paper should be between 8-10 pages long.

For this assignment I want you to look at either coins or seals. Both of these s
For this assignment I want you to look at either coins or seals. Both of these sources provide incredible insights into the working of the Byzantine world. For coins you can explore a wide range of features. Take their design; why did the emperors put what they did on their coins? What message were they trying to convey? These messages changed over time, why? What was the point of putting anything on a coin? Or, you could look at where they were made. Which coins were made in which cities? What denominations, how did it change over time? Why? What can that tell us? How varied are the coins? What can we deduce when one emperor has one design of coin throughout his reign and another has ten? You can pick any period and write anything from the art historical to economic history, to political propaganda, to commentaries on popular faith. For seals you can look at a whole host of things. There are over 13,000 in an online catalogue. If you like institutional history why not pick a place, church, office, or title and look at developments over time. Can you tell anything from the numbers of seals that have survived? Do you see certain offices and titles paired in certain places? If you are looking at a place can we tell anything from the offices that have survived associated with that office? If you are interested in families look for a family name and chart the fate of that family over time. You might even be able to tie a place or institution and a family together. There are very few seals belonging to women and no one has ever studied them, they would make an interesting research project. The same on both counts can be said of eunuchs. Perhaps you are interested in immigrants to Byzantium, look through the catalogue for non-Greek names and see what you find. If you want to look at epigraphic verse read the metrical seals written in dodecasyllabic poetry. Seals also tell us a great deal about personal piety. Can you see any patterns in who was putting what holy figures on their seals when? Be careful with seals though, there are 13,000 of them in the database linked below. It is easy to get lost or to bight off more than you can chew. Do not look at every seal from all provinces in all centuries or you will never get to do anything else. Or mix both coins and seals together. Do you want to look at every seal associated with Antioch and all the coins to see what it tells you about the city at that time? That would be great! Seals – , Coins – (Free downloads of volumes on Byzantine coins by period) – for images of coins. Use this once you have an idea. You need to know a little bit about what you are looking for, say, for example, Heraclius solidus, then it works well. Just Heraclius will get you too few entries. Heraclius, solidus, Constantinople, is even better. I will upload some charts of the Byzantine court hierarchy to help with that. Depending on the question you choose to answer you might want to compare what you are looking at to material in other media. Here are links to some great collections of Byzantine art: Textiles – Manuscripts – Byzantine art – –

Write a thesis/dissertation of at least 9000 words on the topic of the managemen
Write a thesis/dissertation of at least 9000 words on the topic of the management of chronic pain in elderly people. Using the research framework PICO or PEO, to conduct Secondary Research on the topic of managing chronic pain in elderly people.
Put the abstract before chapter 1. The abstract should be at least 250 words and should include the following headings: ‘Introduction’, ‘Methods’, ‘Results’, ‘Discussion’, and ‘Conclusion’.
Remove the lengthy material on the Roy Adaption model and provide a more detailed overview of chronic pain management. Include a rationale for studying this topic. Research gaps should also be included in the Introduction.
The “Assessment of stimuli” section should be moved to another part of the paper, not in the introduction.
Move the conclusion to the end of the dissertation and not the end of chapter 1.
Chapter 1 is the Introduction and should include:
a paragraph providing the background
a paragraph providing the rationale
a paragraph providing and discussing the question
a paragraph discussing the question model and how it was applied
a paragraph providing and discussing the aims
a paragraph providing and discussing the objectives
This chapter should be approximately 700–1,200 words.
Chapter 2 is the Methods section and should include:
a ‘databases and search terms’ paragraph
a filled ‘search terms’ table
a ‘selection criteria’ paragraph
a filled ‘selection criteria’ table
a ‘screening’ paragraph
an ‘appraisal’ paragraph
This chapter should be approximately 1,000–2,000 words
Chapter 3 is the Results section and consists of three parts:
First part:
a discussion on:
the number of studies included and excluded
the type of studies included
general information on the studies included (eg number of participants, where the studies were located, etc)
a PRISMA flowchart
a Characteristics of Studies table
Second part:
appraisal of the included studies
Third part:
Presenting the findings (the actual findings (‘results’ sections) of the included studies, not discussions from the ‘discussion’ sections). Different headings are usually used for different studies.
This chapter should be approximately 2,000–2,500 words.
Chapter 4 is the Discussion section:
This includes discussing the results (Chapter 3) in relation to the question. It includes explaining what these results mean and how can they be interpreted. Examples include what the review adds, the review’s implications (such as clinical and research implications), what should be done in the future, and how useful the review may be. The limitations of the review, practice, and research recommendations, will also be presented in this chapter. These should be presented as the last part. The recommendations need to be linked to the discussions presented in this chapter.
This chapter should be approximately 2,500–3,000 words.
Chapter 5 is the Conclusion and should include:
a summary of what has been presented in Chapters 1–4. This includes the issue, question, main results, main points put forward, and condensed limitations and recommendations. This chapter should be approximately 700–1,200 words.

TOPIC: CYSTIC FIBROSIS Using instructor feedback on your topic selection from De
TOPIC: CYSTIC FIBROSIS Using instructor feedback on your topic selection from Deliverable #1 (in Module 1), if applicable, finalize a 3–4 sentence topic proposal in a Microsoft Word document. Citations are recommended but not required in this paragraph. As a reminder, your proposal should include the name of your disease or disorder, the reason(s) why you would like to study this disease or disorder, and any facts that you know about this disease or disorder so far. After submitting your proposal, find three (3) citations that could be used for this topic. Include the citations in full APA 7th edition format in this same Microsoft Word document. Annotate each of these citations with a separate 5-sentence paragraph, including the following information: Description of the source and author: Are they reliable and valid? [1 sentence] Description of findings that may be important to your project. [2–3 sentences] Include the reason why you chose the source. How will it support your project? [1 sentence] Please refer to the template downloadprovided for this assignment. ( I ATTACHED THDE EXAMPLE)

summarize the GW, Adams, Jeff and Madison chapters major themes and conclusions
summarize the GW, Adams, Jeff and Madison chapters major themes and conclusions and present analysis as you are reading that your paper must both concisely summarize that chapter and demonstrate that you have done some thinking about its quality and value. no need to read other outside source if you use other source however you must cite them according to standard footnoting practices. Please page per chapter ( each one character in one page)

MCOMM 2 News Analysis Paper Prompt – Evaluation of a print news story Please rea
MCOMM 2 News Analysis Paper Prompt – Evaluation of a print news story Please read a news article either published in a paper or on-line version. The article should be no older than 4 months. Please give me the who what where when and why of the article. Also, please tell me what the source of the article is and what effect you think the source might have on the content that was being produced. Lastly, please tell me why you feel this article made it through the normal gatekeepers of journalism, meaning why do you think the writer crafted the article and why do you think the editor choose to allow this article to be published. Please keep the paper brief. It should be about 2-3 pages double spaced. Due May16 Use the chart below to evaluate a news story. Using the criteria on the left, you can see which characteristics are desirable in a credible news story. Please note that a news article can still be considered credible even if it contains characteristics from the far-right column. Criteria In favor of credibility Not in favor of credibility Type of Article The article is a news story. The news source follows the Associated Press (AP) Style or other standardized style guide. Answers the questions: Who? What? When? Where? Why? and How? This news article is an editorial or an opinion piece. The story is an advertisement, often labeled sponsored content. Title/Domain The title is descriptive of the content of the article. When promoted on social media, the title accurately reflects the content of the linked article. The title of the story is sensationalized or uses hyperbolic words to create an emotional response. The title is clickbait (Links to an external site.). The URL contains words like “wordpress” or “blogger.” This indicates the site is a blog. The website title ends in “lo.” These sites are often satire. The domain contains “,” which are sometimes fake versions of real websites. Evidence Acknowledges what information is unknown or unclear; this is called transparency (Links to an external site.). Regularly updates the story as events unfold. The evidence presented in the news story is verified. The primary evidence used is direct (observer eyewitness accounts; journalist eyewitness account; documents and records; and video, audio, and photographs). The primary evidence used is indirect (e.g. accounts from spokespersons; experts; computer models; hearsay; and inferences). The evidence is not verified or corroborated. One-sided or biased evidence is purposefully provided to prove or argue a particlar viewpoint. Evidence is presented outside of context. Publishers and Journalists Editorial boards and parent organizations are listed in an “About Us” section of the website. The publishing company and journalists are transparent and acknowledge conflicts of interest. Typically this information can be found in the “Legal” or “Disclaimer” sections of the website. Journalists follow a code of ethics. The journalists are trained professionals. (It’s always a good idea to research the credentials and backgrounds of affiliated writers.) The publisher is a content mill (Links to an external site.). There is no information about the publisher or the writer(s) on the website where the article is posted. The authors listed are known for fictitious or satirical websites. Sources The sources are evaluated against IMVAIN (Links to an external site.): Independent: the sources are independent and neutral Multiple: multiple sources are cited in the story. Verified: the sources provide evidence that support the story as opposed to assertions, beliefs, or opinions. Authoritative/Informed: the source either has the credentials or is close to the event/story and can provide accurate information (the innermost circle). Named: the source and their affiliations are explicitly provided in the story. The source’s evidence is presented in context. The source’s quotes, evidence, and observations are presented accurately and objectively. The source is given proper attribution in the story. You confirm quotes, statistics, and information presented elsewhere. Unreliable sources are: Self-interested or biased Singular, in that there is only one source cited in the story Offer assertions, beliefs, or opinions without evidence Uninformed sources may be reporting hearsay and are not “close” to the event/story (the outermost circle) Unnamed Aesthetics The publisher website (interface) is well designed, edited, and professional in appearance. The website and article are grammatically correct and follow proper etiquette. The website is badly designed. The design is cluttered with text and heavy-handed photoshopping or born-digital images. The title/headline are in all caps.

Write an essay ( include your multiple usages of quotes) that examines what you
Write an essay ( include your multiple usages of quotes) that examines what you consider to be the three most important forces/events/changes addressed in the chapter. Be sure to explain why you have made your claims for these top three features of the chapter, and to use as many primary sources as possible (minimum 3). Title your mini-essays. No outside sources, use sources from the chapter ( Global Themes and Sources section of chapter usually has good ones )

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